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Sample Narrative Essay A Hunting Trip News of the tiger’s attack on a woman spread like wildfire. This was not the tiger’s first appearance in the village. Before this attack, the villagers had lost a few goats and poultry but the disappearances remained a mystery as nobody could confirm that they were a tiger’s doing. Then the tiger struck. This time, the victim was a 32-year-old woman who was washing clothes by Tasik Bina. The villagers at once organized a hunting party. Armed with machetes and rifles, the hunting party, comprising six stocky men and me, left the Kampung Tempayan on 10 June. The leader of the hunting party was an aborigine named Awang. We had an early night. Mosquitoes and eerie sounds made by the nocturnal…show more content…
Young drivers also seem to throw caution to the winds once they are at the wheels. They are always in a mad rush to reach their destinations and do not pay heed to traffic regulations and road conditions. This leads to accidents. It is only when they are older that they become mature and can make the right decisions. If this is the case, what other reason do we need to increase the legal age for driving? Accusations and criticism have been hurled at young drivers for various traffic offences. It is not right that the image of Malaysian drivers be tarnished just because of a few young drivers and that is why I am of the opinion that the legal age for driving be

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