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Who is the ad targeted at? The main target market is women. The ad is targeted at women who enjoy using nail polish on their nails and designs that they can create. This can be concluded by looking at the title “Fashion at your fingertips” giving the idea that you can have fashionable nails that is affordable and easily accessible. The women are of various ethnicities because in the ad you can see various skin tones on the women’s hands that are displayed. The ad further targets women who are busy and looking for a quick manicure in minutes of good quality. Does the product satisfy a need, a want, or a demand? The product satisfies a want because women desire a particular product that is offered by Sally Hansen. Wants are…show more content…
Sally Hansen’s already in the market of manufacturing, packaging, and selling nail polish. They developed a new product that allows customers to use a pen style to apply nail polish that dries in minute. They also developed new product that allows the consumer to design their own nails. Is the advertised product’s market position evident in the ad? The product’s market position is evident in the ad because the title says “Fashion at your fingertips” and displays the fashionable nail designs to cover 66% of the advertisement. In comparison to competition the consumer is going to have in their mind Sally Hansen offers fashionable nails in fun, unique colors that are conditioning, and provide UV protection. How well does the ad address the marketing mix? Product: the product is Sally Hansen’s color quick fast dry nail color pen and nail art pen. The product is clearly stated in the ad and the actual pen is shown so that consumers have an idea what it looks like. The brand name is displayed at the bottom of the advertisement. The functionality of the product is described in paragraphs below the product. Price: The pricing strategy in the ad can’t be evident in the ad but many consumers who purchase Sally Hansen products are familiar with their products. Place: Many of Sally Hansen’s consumers know where to purchase the products. Mostly at drug or discount stores, grocery stores, and in

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