Essence of Korean Studies in our Local Universities

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I feel that Korea needs no introduction. Friends who have visited say their stay could only be equated to that of being in outer space. It is remarkably extraordinary. I look forward to proving the veracity of the statement once I visit in the near future. However with my limited knowledge, the Korea I know is one resilient and self-driven nation. It has gone through thick and thin to emerge as the 12th largest trading nation and its influence is vast and far reaching. In recent years, we have seen Korea emerge not only as an influential nation but as a world super-power. To qualify as a member of the G-20 is no mean fit. In 2010 we witnessed the country host the G-20 summit where the leaders of the twenty most powerful nations converged…show more content…
Additionally, we exchange ideas and in times when international cooperation is needed or in the event there is external aggression, we come together as allies. We need each other to support ideas and systems which we both believe in. Statistics show that the number of tourists in the world in terms of highest numbers is shifting from the U.S and Germany and now the major tourists in the world are from the East. It ought to be remembered that Korea is part and parcel of the East. A week ago, in a ceremony that was held in Doha, Qatar - Kenya was voted as the leading safari destination in the world by the World Travel Awards. This is good news and it will surely lead to an influx of tourists coming - Koreans being no exception. Theirs need to familiarize ourselves with the Korean language and culture. That will be of great assistance to the hosts and guides of the visitors making them have an easy time around. Korea being one of the super powers in the East, its influence locally can be seen in diverse areas from their extremely popular electronic products like LG and Samsung. Ranging from friends to relatives, six out of ten own Samsung or LG television sets, laptops, fridges and microwaves. Samsung phones are the most popular in the country since the company takes care of a wide range of people making each person irrespective of background find what suits them. Our very own tallest building K.I.C.C; a dwarf in terms of size and modern

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