Essential Aspects Of A Self Directed

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1. Essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner. I have been in IT for a long time and being a self learner really helps especially when you are in a small and learning and problem solving are key to getting the job done. Here are the essential aspects of a self-drectored intrinsically motivated active learner. Takes initiative - Always pre-empts what needs to be learnt and does not need someone to push them in the right direction and make them start doing something about it. Work independently - Can work without supervision and is able to motivate themselves to complete the task or the learning process. Persistent - Never giving up and always pushing forward regardless of the number of failures. In fact they see failure as way of learning from their mistakes and carrying on until they succeed. Accepts responsibility - Take ownership of the task at hand and also any failures. See 's it through till the end without complaining and making they did their utmost. Views problems as challenges - Sometimes it 's easy to give up of one comes across a problem they haven 't solved, but instead seeing them as a challenge instead and using that to motivate themselves to complete the task is a quality of a self motivated learner. Self discipline - Maintains a good rhythm in all aspects from time management to pursuit of problem solving, stays focused and determined by organised also . Curiosity - Without being curious, one
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