Essential Attributes in Nursing

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Nursing is developed gradually over the last 1800 years. Today’s demand for skilled nurses is significantly increases for educated nurses. Nurses is the first provider of health care, which delivers a high quality of care, safe environment, person-centred and focuses on the care of individuals, families and communities. In a nursing good workplace citizenship needs an understanding and maintaining a good relationship between patients and health professional to deliver quality health care and services. In the context of nursing, communication, teamwork and social responsibility is the main graduates attributes that are essential in workplace citizenship because it promotes a healthy relationship between health professionals, patients and…show more content…
In nursing profession nurses have to work together with patients, families, doctors, and health professional to foster health promotion and focuses on diseases prevention. Effective teamwork helps to reduce the workload and safe time. Nurses play a main role in hospital to provide the information about the patients that the rest of the team relies on the nurses. For instance: patient with fracture leg have to go to emergency department first and second nurses will take over and pass the information to the doctor and X-ray member help to find out the problems. In hospital this is ongoing process with different skills work between team members to provide a quality care to patients. In the nursing mutual respect, holistic approach, and interprofessional teamwork is successful for patients, families and health professional. The main successes for the teamwork are sharing knowledge, information, and sharing experience with team, which encouraged the staff to focus on the positive role and valuing the contribution of individual team member (Scott et al, 2010). For instance: a nurse who works in team in their shift has less stress and deliver high quality care to patient. As well as it is important to know the role of each nurse and tasks, which helps the staff to motivate, problem solving and works openly within the team (Reeves et al, 2010). Therefore, in nursing profession to provide effective and efficiency care to patient’s
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