Essential Needs Necessary For The Survival Of Organisms

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One of the essential needs necessary for the survival of organisms is the need of nutrients. Nutrients are able to be consumed depending on the biological kingdom of the organisms. Plants receive the nutrients from the soil and the sun because of their ability to produce nutrients from sun light using their chlorophyll .However, Animals and specifically human beings gain nutrients in a different form. Nutrients are consumed using various substances that have the ability to provide nutrients for the body. The foods that human beings consume contain nutrients such as oils and protein. However as the modern age progressed, the foods that are consume are added with a variety of other products that perform many other actions such as alter flavor or preserve food that result in affecting the human body usually, in harmful manner. However, the addition of harmful products is one of the problems that Clear Labs Inc. attempt to solve. Clear Labs Inc utilize DNA sequencing in order to analyze the specific products and compile its data into a database.DNA sequencing is defined as the determination of the order of bases on a strand of DNA. The first instance of DNA sequencing was by Fred Sager in 1955.Fred Sanger was the first scientist to be able to sequence the amino acids of a protein. Before his discovery, scientist believed that the sequence could not be altered. The method that Sanger used eventually became Sanger sequencing. Sanger sequencing utilizes a polymerase chain
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