Essential Operations Of Information Systems

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The essential operations of information systems sustained by of critical infrastructure rely on the explicit functionality of software applications supporting complex, interdependent, information systems. The software application provides the virtual framework for information systems to operate efficiently in a critical infrastructure. Information systems consistently communicate with supplementary information systems positioned throughout the network to support the infrastructure’s essential operations. The dependence of software and information systems increases, as businesses require additional systems to automate critical operations. However, the connectivity and complexities of information systems supporting critical infrastructure increases the critical infrastructure’s exposure rate of software vulnerabilities to advanced persistent threats. Conventionally, software application facilitates process involved in auditing, configuring and distributing commands to augment interdependent information system performance.
The security and safety of the nation’s critical infrastructure are significantly relying on measures implemented to ensure software resiliency and dependability. According to statistics released by the National Security Agency (NSA) chief General Keith Alexander in 2013, “about 90 percent of the nation’s critical infrastructure is owned by the private sector, and therefore is not under the control of the U.S. government or military.” (Gripas, 2013) However,…
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