Essential Questions In The Classroom

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Preparation and planning is important for teachers, even though you do not always know what might happen in the classroom. To have a successful plan there needs to be enduring understandings, essential questions, and transfer goals. Enduring understandings are summarizes of what students need to learn throughout the year/s. Essential questions are ideas for students to think about that can shape the enduring understandings. Transfer goals are the measureable assessments that students should reach. I like the quote “when students know what they’re expected to learn, they are more likely to learn it.” Teachers should not hide what the goals are for students and what the reasoning behind what they are being taught is. Lessons need to be relevant and purposeful, and I definitely need to get to know the students interests are by building relationships with each student will allow for lessons to be created that will keep them interested, and be more attentive and active. It is important to connect to the students outside of the classroom, both with lessons, information, and in the relationships that are built.…show more content…
It is definitely important to be using reading strategies and allow students to be actively engaged with reading before, during, and after. For my integrated unit, it is essential that I have different types of literature, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and multimedia, but also have a topic that is relevant to students, and gets them thinking before reading, during reading, and after reading making connections to themselves and allowing for them to think personally about the
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