Essential Skills For College Students

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Essential Skills for College Students
New college students find themselves in a place far different than they are used to. In high school students had agendas set by the teachers that they need to fulfill before the day is done. College is more freedom and less structure for a student. The freedom doesn’t mean that they could do anything they want. It means that the students’ choices are only to come back on them. Choices that can cost them lots of time, money, and education needed for the career they are looking into. There are no set schedules to say when they need to eat, when to do the homework, when to sleep or when they need to get up for class. It can be very overwhelming for a new student with the new work load and social opportunities. The challenge of balancing each one can be a struggle for them if a student doesn’t know how. A college student will need to have valuable skills that will develop their internal structure to be able to grow in college and go beyond college.
A student need to learn the skill of time management to have a successful college career. Successful college students view college like having a full time job. There will be a lot of time put in for studying for test and organizing and reading the notes taken in class. The preparation for each class can take time to. If a student has a speech, presentation, or a paper due in the class they will need to take some time and rehearse prior to the class. They can use a master calendar to write in

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