Essentially, We Have Dealt With A Lot Of Workplace Rules

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Essentially, we have dealt with a lot of workplace rules that places much emphasis on the need for regulation. One of the main and critical work rules that have been established and put in place in my workplace is the issue of implementing the dress code rules. These dress code rules will essentially always apply. Likewise, they consist of all employees must be clean and well groomed. However, grooming can consists of many variations that sometimes are influenced and controlled by religion and ethnicity. Equally important, all clothes must be work-appropriate and convey professionalism. Furthermore, clothes must be free from the distressed look and with holes. Lastly, our dress code rules indicate that clothes must avoid offensive…show more content…
Generally, we are in the public eye and our customers are our first priority, however we needed to maintain an image that communicated and employed an image that our customers could identify with and that exemplified our mission and vision of our division and organization as a whole. The main reason why my employer wanted to develop stern dress code rules is due to our staff has direct contact with clients and other outside entities. Essentially, the employer will thus regard the employees as representing the company and are required to act on behalf of the company by adhering to the greatest standards which includes the manner of dress. Mainly, work rules normally form guidelines for how employees should dress and what 's acceptable or unacceptable attire. Even more so, some workplaces may have a more formal business attire since they are alluded to more professional services and some may have more of an unstructured dress code that permits jeans and t-shirts in place of the formal attire. Whichever the case, the dress code is likely to be based on workplace rules. The conditions that prompted the need for a dress code were simply a result of mainly, a lot of our worker’s got very laid back in the type of clothing they wanted to wear and wore. Originally, we were essentially under one supervisor that had a very negligent and “I don’t care
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