Essentials Of Advertising Strategy ( Eas )

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In “Essentials of Advertising Strategy (EAS),” chapter two and three emphasizes the most useful tool for a successful advertising strategy is to simply understand the consumers perspective, demographics, and behaviors. Pret uses their signage to communicate their brand message to their target audience which is a natural, organic cafe with elegance. Pret managed to diversify themselves using sophisticated texture, even though they understood that the color red was highly polarized amongst many fast food companies. Their logos incorporates a classy, clean, and cut edge font. The symbol of the star is used to demonstrate their excellence in the fast food industry and the circle around it is used to promote the community of being a Pret A…show more content…
A tomato actually looks like a tomato and an avocado looks like an avocado. The names of the ingredients are not written in a fine print that makes it hard for consumers to read, but rather the ingredients are labeled boldly on the packaging and visually identifiable in the packaging. The ingredients are all natural, fresh, and organic. There 's a variety of sandwich options and at certain locations consumers can purchase vegan food. Pret is not only about the natural and freshness of their products however, they emphasize the positive aspects of service to consumers. Workers at Pret are preppy and cheerful. This loving energetic atmosphere sets the tone that their brand projects. Consumers feel more welcomed and are encouraged to return based on previous customer service experiences. The greetings from the employees are not robotic, such as “ hi, how can I help you,” rather more personal and home like “ hi, welcome to Pret A Manger, how are you doing today?” Pret is not just about getting natural, healthy, quick, ready-to-go food, but promoting a comfortable environment. Bibliography Allison, Anne. Schultz, Don. Tannenbaum, Stanley. Essentials of Advertising Strategy. NTC Buisnesss Books. 11-38. Print. Chapters two and three of this book reviews the concept of advertising to consumers and strategies of a marketing plan. In addition, the chapter reviews the steps necessary to a successful marketing planning and the

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