Essentials of Healthcare Marketing Essay

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Chapter 1 Problems
3. An orthopedic group practice has decided to develop a pediatric sports medicine program. Identify potential target markets for this new service.
Potential target markets for this service would be in an inner city community that has a concentrated amount of middle/high school consumers with multiple athletic programs. Being in the inner city, potential consumers would typically resort to the emergency room, urgent care clinic, or a pediatrician.
Another potential target market could be a pediatric medical group with sub-specialties. The available specialties are endocrinology, psychology, and cardiology. Adolescent child tend to break bones frequently. Having a pediatric sports medicine department would be
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This facility is lined academically to the Harvard University Medical School. Conduct a brief SWOT analysis for Children’s Hospital in light of the present health care environment.

StrengthsAvailability of expertise nursing staff. Availability of in-service education programs. Strong informal communication channels in hospital. | WeaknessesOverlapping duties of nursing staff. Centralized structure of hospital administration. | Opportunities Abilities to expand in hospital departments and health care services in facility. Location of hospital serves a large population area. Easy of public transportation to the hospital. | Threats Insufficient of central funding resources. Lack of technology advancement and update equipment. |

3. Describe the possible barriers to entry and exit for: (a) a physician wanting to establish a solo practice office in internal medicine, (b) a company offering a health club facility in the same building where employees work, and (c) a tertiary hospital developing a coronary bypass program.
a. There are many factors that should be considered with a physician wants to establish a solo practice. First they would want to determine if there is a competitive market. If many are located within that market, they must create a marketing strategy to bring consumers to the practice. Four major factors need to be addressed to determine the intensity
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