Essentials of Management

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Essentials of Mgt Chapter 1-Subject Review Questions 1. Describe a great manager. What makes him or her stand out from the crowd? A great manager is astute, a strategic thinker, and a self-effacing leader. They are great leaders, straight-talkers, empathetic, have control over their organization and are great organizers. Great managers should also be able to multi-task. They must be able to work with a diverse organization, and be free of from prejudices. Great managers should also appreciate their employees, and they should show their appreciation. These managers take their organization to new heights. They are sure to accomplish and stay with their organization’s goal and their mission statements. 2. Have you ever seen or…show more content…
Then describe elements that you anticipate will affect the park in the next few years. The elements of the macroenvironment and competitive environment that affect Wild Water now are really non – existent. The environment has largely remained unchanged for the past four decades. The elements that will effect the park in the next few will be the state’s new safety law that will require expensive updating. The new vacationers with different needs that will come to the area with the new condos that are going to be built. Also, the new major amusement park that is looking to build in the area will also heavily affect Wild Water. 2. Next describe the organization’s culture. Discuss how the current affects the way it responds to the organization’s external environment. The organization is tight – knit and family oriented. Jason and Marie Salernos (brother and sister) run the family business while each of their spouses help. Their parents also help in the operations of the business. The park consists of employees that have siblings that also work at the park. Often times, many of the employees parents have also worked at the park in the past. They refer to their employees as members of the family. The Salernos’ invites the members to the meetings and solicit their thoughts and ideas about the processes at the park. They allow them to incorporate their ideas into
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