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1. INTRODUCTION This proposal aims for getting approval from headquarter to hold the event – “Cool-EST phenomena” as part of the “B-EST” marketing campaign. The purpose of the event is to obtain significant attention in the soft drink market as a new player and to make an impact on customers’ mind, thus boost sales performance of our new product – EST Cola. This event focuses on getting consumer’s responses and communicating with them. In order to target on our main target customers range from 20-30, one of the marketing strategies to be used is celebrity endorsement. Through this, we want to create an energetic atmosphere which align with our marketing strategy and contribute to our brand image. The format of funfair is selected to…show more content…
EVENT PROFILE AND CONCEPTUALIZATION 3.1 Description “Cool-EST phenomena” will be conducted in a funfair-format, with stage performance, side-stalls, game stations, food booths and souvenir stores. The idea of the event is to create delightful experience for our participants and link their enjoyment with EST. The event will be held at “Park Paragon”, an open area located between 2 popular shopping malls. The venue is divided into 2 zones: The Cool-EST Stage and Stalls Area. The Stage will host 3 main sessions: Stylish-EST Dance Com Final, Cool-EST Mini Concert and Lucky-EST Everyone Draw. In the Stall Area, the marketing department will hold an EST game booth and a B-EST Souvenir store. The strategic goal of “Cool-EST phenomena” is to attract 2,000 attendances and gain media exposure in the 3 main national newspapers. The young generation will be our target audience. Therefore, the decor theme is set to be “Young & Energetic”; and popular pop stars like Sukrit “Bie” Wisetkaew and Pirat “Mike” Nitipaisarnkul will be invited as performers. Besides, as to target on brand-sensitive Bangkok customers, we will emphasize the uniqueness and “local-ness”of EST. ON STAGE ACIVITIES Stylish-EST Dance Com Final The Dance Competition

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