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Task 2: Ethics Program for Vencill Management Consulting
Sarah Vencill
Western Governors University

It is the responsibility of each and every Vencill Management Consulting employee to understand and demonstrate integrity in the work that is done every day. How employees work within the ethical framework of various and diverse professional fields is also important. To this end, Vencill Management Consulting has adopted the following professional Code of Conduct and procedures related to interactions with our clients in the non-profit sector. In addition to employees, Vencill Management Consulting’s Code of Conduct extends to its contractors, agents and suppliers.
Standards and Procedures
Vencill Management Consulting
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If a Vencill Management Consulting employee breaks the law, they also may be personally liable.
Vencill Management Consulting’s management team is responsible for maintaining an ethical climate by: Explaining to their employees why it's important to comply with the Code of Conduct. Encouraging discussion of the Code and situations. Responding promptly and properly to concerns raised by employees. Protecting employees against reprisals when they report, in good faith, actions they feel violate the law or these standards.
Vencill Management Consulting’s management team is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the company's policies and practices to ensure that they are consistent with Vencill Management Consulting’s social responsibility to act with integrity to employees, customers and society. As part of that responsibility, the management team oversees Vencill Management Consulting’s Code of Conduct.
Vencill Management Consulting’s management team is responsible for the coordination, oversight and enforcement of Vencill Management Consulting’s compliance programs and activities and helps to promote an organizational culture that encourages compliance with laws and regulations and ethical conduct for all Vencill Management Consulting employees. Also, the the management team is responsible for communicating Vencill Management Consulting’s ethics and compliance standards, providing guidance and
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