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Social Responsibility
July 1, 2013

Part A Social responsibility is an important part of business today. Company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibilities seems insensitive. This company has shown that profits drive the success of their business. Company Q is closing two stores in high crime rate areas due to lost revenue. It did not seem the company explored other options that would have less impact on the community and their businesses. By exploring other options they could have improved the stores profits while making an investment in the community. Company Q made no efforts to explore other ideas. By researching different options or processes Company Q could have keep its doors open.
Company Q
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The company had little loyalty for the customers they served. The company did not listen to them and marked up products they were requesting. There was a lack of compassion to the community in which they operated in. The company also had a lack of trust in its employees and has done very little to fix that problem.
Part B Other companies in the area have faced similar circumstances as Company Q. They too are in high crime rate areas and share some of the same type of challenges Company Q was facing. Company Q had options to look at what these stores were doing. Had they done more research and tried other ideas they could have kept their doors open. By working in the community and forming programs that got the community together would produce better relationships with the community and would produce better outcomes. Because the decision to close its doors was made, there was not an opportunity to invest more with employees and security processes in a hope to address the loss in revenue. When this store closed it took away jobs that were in the community and more people were unemployed. Instead of having a positive effect in the community it had a negative effect. It increased crime rates in the area and reduced the amount of jobs. When the decision was made to introduce health conscience and organic products the company was moving in the right direction, but because these products were

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