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Part A
Company Q does not currently have a positive attitude toward social responsibility. They recently closed several stores in higher crime areas. This has eliminated job positions that were held by residents of the area and taken away revenue from the community itself. This is not being socially responsible. The company just started offering a limited selection of health and organic foods despite that the demand from customers has been there for years. They have also made the decision to not donate day old food to the local shelters, opting instead to waste the food by throwing it away. Company Q needs to make several changes in their company behavior in order to become more socially responsible. Part B
Company Q closed
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Company Q has had a large demand from their customers to provide healthy and organic foods over the last few years. They recently started offering a small variety of health and organic food items, which is a step in the right direction toward being socially responsible. They need to be more attentive to the needs and wants of their customers as it shouldn’t have taken years to bring in these demanded products. When there is a demand for products and the company doesn’t respond to that demand, it’s perceived by the consumers that the company simply doesn’t care about their needs and wants. Bringing in a selection of these products was a good start in satisfying their customers. However, with such a demand for these items, having a small and limited selection is just not enough. Expanding the line of health and organic food items will accomplish two things. First and foremost it will appease the current customers and bring in a new clientele that is health conscious, thus helping to create a healthier community and at the same time increasing sales. The higher margin on the health and organic items coupled with the increase in sales will really boost the overall profit margin of the company. Company Q does need to be sure that they don’t over price these products so as to not push away business due to overpricing. Company Q was approached about donating their day old food to the local shelters and they refused on basis of concern that employees

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