Establish Need: I am not sure about you, but I believe the government has better things to do than

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Establish Need: I am not sure about you, but I believe the government has better things to do than tell us what we can and cannot put into our bodies. Derick Grayson- Georgia US Senate candidate fells the same way and that is why I am asking you to get out and Vote for him on November 4th, 2014.

Establish Credibility: What makes me so passionate about giving this speech are the live human studies I conducted with my friends and mainly on myself over the last 13 years or so.

Central Idea: We must act together in making the new generation of Congress realize, just like the prohibition of Alcohol did not work, the prohibition of Marijuana will not work either.

Transition: Show of hands, how many of you have lost a loved one or know of
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“Marijuana has been demon-ized, glorified, and now increasingly “medicalized.” End quote D. Doctor Donald L. Sweet explains some patients who said that when they were "high" from smoking "pot," experienced less or none of the severe nausea and vomiting that usually accompanied their cancer chemotherapy treatments.
1. FYI A form of medical marijuana was legalized February 12, 2014 here in Georgia.(Haleigh Hope Act 885)
2. Cannabis is an analgesic, anti-emetic natural appetite stimulating herb which can be easily grown in a number of places indoors and out.

Transition: There are over 1500 different medical uses for marijuana and over 2500 industrial uses for the cannabis or hemp plant.

II. Solution: Legalize or Decriminalize Marijuana

A. So I know some you are sitting there asking what you can do to help in my quest of legalization or decriminalization marijuana.
1. First of all learn the TRUTH and do so by visiting the Georgia CARE Project website also known as the Campaign for Access, Reform and Education of marijuana.
B. Make Sure to get out and vote for Derick Grayson on November 4th 2014.
1. He is running for Georgia US Senator.

III. Visualization of Results
A. The laws on marijuana now are very imperfect just look at the 658,000 arrests for simple possession of marijuana made annually.
1. While alcohol causes around 50k deaths a year and cigarettes oh a tiny 400k, it is safe to say that the laws on Marijuana need to be
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