Established Organization Rules

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1. All members and guests shall possess a valid hunting and/or fishing license. 2. All members and guests shall comply with all Virginia, Federal, and local regulations. 3. While on premises, all members and guests shall maintain safe gun handling practices, including never shooting in the direction of people, buildings, or livestock. 4. No member or guest shall engage in hunting or shooting practices while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. 5. All gates shall be left as found any damage to roads caused by members or guests will be repaired by club. Any direct property damage will be paid for by offender. 6. Members and guest shall exercise due care to prevent fires; and shall not cause or permit damage to fences, crops,…show more content…
16. Any member in violation of any law depending on the severity may be subject to a one week suspension of hunting privileges. Any violation after shall be subject to the review board for further action. 17. All kills including, predators, must be reported to the hunt club president and secretary via picture message (if neither are present the day of the kill) and inserted into the Game log kept inside the lodge. All jawbones from harvested deer will be removed for aging. A trophy buck jawbone may be removed by taxidermist. Deer must be weighed, measured and logged appropriately in accordance with the DMAP program using the cleaning station behind hunting lodge. (You do not have to clean your deer here if you choose not to). 18. This farm is managed by QDMA and DMAP Programs. Mature bucks of 3.5 years or older may be harvested. (Rack must be at least as wide as ears tips and have 6 or more points. This will ensure that mature bucks of 3.5 years or older are harvested.) DO NOT SHOOT BASKET RACKS OR SPIKES. Does 1.5 years or older old can be harvested. DO NOT SHOOT FAWNS. The killing of an ineligible deer will result in a 100 dollar fine. This does NOT apply to a youth hunter who has never killed a deer or a buck. 19. Any member or guest that wounds an animal and does not recover it is subject to a 20 dollar fine. 20. All members are required to attend at least 3 work days a year, failure to do so will require a 75 dollar fee. 21. All monies

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