Establishing A Leadership Philosophy Helps Guide Actions, Behaviors And Thoughts

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All leaders wield a certain significant level of influence within their organizations or over their followers based upon their own personal philosophy. Being a leader without considering on a personal level key values that one finds important can result in inconsistent outcomes. Establishing a leadership philosophy helps guide actions, behaviors and thoughts. A leadership philosophy is developed through a combination of internal and external forces that impact an individual over their lifetime. There have been a number of theories formulated that attempt to explain what the traits of a successful leader consists of. One theory is that certain traits such as extraversion, intelligence, openness, conscientiousness, and experience are often…show more content…
By constantly reflecting on how a leaders actions impact their followers a successful leader can recognize their assumptions and learn how they, as leaders, react to certain situations. Patti Clayton, a faculty member for North Carolina State University and article writer for the journal On the Horizon states, “the value of reflection on experience as a way to enhance learning has been advanced since the days of Dewey (1910), who noted that such reflection is key not only to improved understanding, but also to more informed and effective action. Learning through reflection on the implementation of innovative pedagogies, especially those that are themselves grounded in reflection on experience” (Clayton). To develop and grow as a leader it is important that reflection occurs. Personally, I have reflected on both the positive and negative significant events in my life. I have attempted to recognize the meaning of each event and somehow identify how I could grow as a result. I take the time out of my schedule every three days to reflection my actions that I think are significant to me or anyone that I have come in contact with. Reflection for me is more than talking and thinking about past experiences. Rather, it is a total emotional and physical effort in attempts to understand how such significant events have helped shape who we are as
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