Establishing Communication with Clients for Advice and Guidance

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Establish Communication with clients for Advice & Guidance

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|Explain how to create a safe and suitable environment for practitioners and clients | |Every organisation should have specific safety policies and plans tailored to their business and work environment, depending on| |what type of safety issues are relevant. By training all employees thoroughly in the safety policies, the organisation can | |ensure that an environment or situation is safe for all. Additionally, seeking the involvement of staff in drawing up plans or | |adding to them is an excellent way to obtain “buy in” and maintain compliance. | |When practitioners meet
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Facial expressions can say a lot about a person’s mood. A simple gesture like a handshake or a | |smile expresses an immediate emotion that often doesn’t need to be accompanied by words. Non-verbal communication can also be | |represented by things such as illustration, photographs, drawings or signage. | | | |The effect of the different types of communication will depend on whether it is intended to be formal or informal. In formal | |settings, such as business, it can be very official, precise and straightforward, whether it be by written minutes or notes, | |or a spoken conversation with little flexibility and a rigid tone. Formal conversation often occurs between people who have | |not met before or who may have a position of authority over another. | | | |Informal communication is much more of free and casual between people who usually share a rapport with each other. It requires| |people to be on a similar wavelength, such as friends and family. It isn’t rigid and doesn’t follow rules and is often not |
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