Establishing Cornell's Executive MBA Program: Business Plan Analysis

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1. Executive summary. The goal is to establish a sales and service office for Cornell University's EMBA program that will serve as the face of Cornell University's Johnson School of Business in Russia. We intend establish Cornell as a top-tier business school brand in Russia and achieve international recognition. The company will operate as the sales and marketing representative of Cornell's EMBA program in Russia. It will operate a sales and servicing office out of the Moscow area, from which it will provide information to working professionals who are considering MBA programs. The company's revenue will be derived from sales commission on each student it recruits to the EMBA program, which is 10% of the $180,000 EMBA program tuition. After the company is able to secure at least 45-60 enrollments per year for the Cornell EMBA program, the Cornell EMBA brand may be considered to be established in Russia. After this event, the company will attempt to expand its role in Cornell's EMBA program by providing a brick-and-mortar space for use as a library and conference center by Cornell's EMBA program as well as other EMBA programs lacking a stable brick-and-mortar presence for its Russian MBA programs. It will also seek to provide consulting services to international MBA programs seeking to enter the Russian market. 2. Mission To establish Cornell's Executive MBA program as a rigorous, globally integrated, and leading Executive MBA program in Russia. 3. Company education

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