Establishing Reliability and Validity of a Survey

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You are a psychologist working for a consulting firm that specializes in survey development. Your firm has been contacted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) to develop a survey that will identify teenagers who are at-risk for driving while intoxicated. M.A.D.D. has provided a list of questions that its research suggests will help to identify risk factors contributing to this behavior. M.A.D.D. needs your firm to work with its members to establish reliability and validity of this survey so that they can begin using it to establish risk in young adults across the nation. In order to establish validity, the survey will need to be conducted amongst a large enough sample of subjects. The subjects too will have to be well-matched to the study in question, meaning that it will have to be conducted not only on young adults and but also on young adults who have been convicted of drunk driving in the past. It will have to run specific questions that will target in on factors that have the objective of pointing to commonalities in their driving as well as in their time of driving when drunk. The drivers may share a common demographic that may result in the state of driving. For this reason, cress-sectional research, too, should be conducted in order to establish whether there is a single pattern of socio economic status that tends more to drunk driving than another. Professions should be considered as well as variables whether or not the young adult is a student and,
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