Establishing Successful Re-Entry Programs for Ex-Convicts

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Everyone in the world is affected by criminal behavior in some way, shape, or form. Crime determines where we decide to reside, what school we opt to send our children to, and also when or where we go out. Over 600,000 prisoners return to the community each year. Fair amounts of offenders receive some sort of rehabilitation programming while they are incarcerated, albeit many return not able to reintegrate back into their surrounding communities. One way to establish successful offender re-integration is through successful reentry programs.
This reason among others is why it is so important that we continue to facilitate correctional programs that increase the margin of public safety through the successful rehabilitation of offenders. Reentry programs are very promising for communities for a plethora of reasons. First, they provide the opportunity to mold offender behavior as they begin the transition process back to their natural environments or communities, therefore reducing the rates of recidivism. They also offer the tangent ability to actively deal with major violations of after initial release supervision. This has recently become a big concern because the prison population is steadily increasing, which is a direct turnaround from the past.
Although, ensuring a successful reentry of an inmate to their community can lead to better and more stable lifestyles for former prisoners and also for the inmate families and communities. Reentry programs usually have some very

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