Establishing Training And Development Department

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Establishing Training and Development Department Altovise Perry Webster University It is very important that every company has a successful Training and Development Department so employees may enhance their skills. We would like for every company to grow steady and healthy so it can help with employees to work successfully on their jobs. I develop ways that offers direction and guidance to businesses that are in the process of establishing a Training and Development Department. The first thing we need to do is to identify goals. We need to come up with goals that will make a positive impact on each company. We need to plan what is very important for the company. This will help with establishing a skillful culture for the employees. We need to ask questions like: 1. What is the vision and mission of the company? 2. What types of training and development will best attracts, retains, and develops the talent needed for success? Knowing the company’s goals, it will dictate what type of training and development department we should have. Also, we need to assess our training needs. Identify skills we need now and skills we will need in the future. These skills must drive our decision making regarding how we will structure our training department. (Johnston, 2015) The second thing we need to is to acquire training resources. We need to look at what type of tools to use for our training and development department. Because everyone learns differently, we need to
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