Establishing Unity Roundtable With An Updated Version Of Constitutions

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We started our semester with the main goal of establishing UNITY Roundtable with an updated version of constitutions and bylaws. After a couple of weeks of receiving feedback from the UNITY Roundtable reps we settled and voted on the latest version of them. After that was completed, Deshauna and I with the help of the reps we worked to recruit a SFAC Liaison and after several weeks we elected Vincent Wan. He will oversee the allocation of next year budgets and make sure the process and decisions is equitable and inclusive of multicultural organizations.

Through the semester, we came up with different long term goals such as creating a proposal for the renovation of the three multicultural houses. To complete the research and plan we formed a workgroup that will be chaired by Senator Carter. This working group is formed by three UNITY Roundtable members and three Student Senators. They will research best practices from other institutions and create a proposal that UNITY will vote on and present to the board of Trustees during their spring gathering.

This semester was hard for students from marginalized communities, hence, most of UNITY’s organizations. Starting with the hate crime targeting two Latina students on campus. We reacted to this by organizing a meeting for student to color. During this meeting we address the hate crime, self-care, and action steps. We invited Scott Law, Tony Tyler, and Provost Sue Madison to speak with us about how the incident was going to

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