Establishing a Home Network

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A Complete Home Network
When establishing a home network it is important that you evaluate the needs you have for all of the users in your household as well as backup options and how we will connect to the network and the security of your network. I will be looking at developing such a network for my home using the given budget of $1,000 and explain why my choices will meet my networking needs as well as looking to see what changes could be made over time if given a larger budget to work with.
Elements of the Network
When establishing a home network there are many great resources available even to novices in the field online that outline some of the core essentials that were covered in this course of what one
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This cloud option allows me to have similar functionality to what online storage options would provide; I can backup files from all of my computers and also have access to do so from my mobile devices. My Cloud has incredibly fast upload speeds and is highly rated for its industry leading password protection and encryption. Having 2TB of space available for storage on the cloud would allow for sufficient file storage of all four users currently as well as allow for the eventual growth of the network as well.
Expanding the network
Assuming that I was given an additional $1,000 to my budget to expand the network I would look to move past the basic setup I have established for four users to have access to the network and the file sharing/backup system I have established. I would begin expanding memory to improve performance and would move to start including game consoles, Smart TVs, Blu-Ray players, smart phones and tablets. There are a myriad of options that are available to include in my home network in this age of technology. The possibilities are truly limitless at this point, with new devices and new technologies becoming available every single day.
This network has a solid start and has the essential components of any network which are the computers, the router, and available storage as well as security. Truthfully, once you have these basics in place you have solid building blocks ready to begin expanding and enhancing to create the perfect
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