Essay on Establishing a Therapeutic Alliance

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Research has shown that a strong therapeutic alliance is necessary for establishing a beneficial contact between the therapist and the client. If the therapist does not encourage the creation of a reliable therapeutic alliance from the beginning of the treatment, it will be hard to develop a constructive relationship with the client later. Establishing the therapeutic alliance will increase the chances of achieving the goal of the treatment because the clients will be willing to cooperate if they trust and respect the therapist. Clients are not likely to cooperate with therapists who impose their authority aggressively. Instead of imposing their authority on the patient, therapists should develop work with their patients by…show more content…
With these attributes, they will have the fundamentals of creating a strong therapeutic alliance with their clients. The therapists should be encouraged in “treating new cases as unique and constructing new theories to fit them, rather than depending on categories of established theory and technique” (Safran & Muran, 2000). Although this does not mean that standard techniques are useless, flexibility and creativity in application of these theories is considered the most important skill of a good therapist. In addition, it is impossible to generalize the structure of the therapeutic alliance because it will depend on the goals and tasks of the therapy. All therapists have different methods for achieving different goals, so the course of development of the therapeutic alliance will vary. For example, in classical psychoanalysis, the patient needs to say anything that comes to mind without filtering the undesirable thought. On the other hand, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) requires time and effort, so the client can slowly face the problem and replace the dysfunctional behavior or cognition pattern, with a reasonable behavior or cognition pattern. The difference in requirements from the patients will influence the course of development of the therapeutic alliance, but all approaches rely on a reliable therapeutic alliance created from the beginning of the therapeutic process. A research made by Hersoug,
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