Establishing a popular culture or becoming a celebrity has been a desire of many. The rewards in

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Establishing a popular culture or becoming a celebrity has been a desire of many. The rewards in this life are the admiration and esteem of others, and the punishments in this life are contempt and neglect. In fact, the desire for the esteem of others is as real a want of nature as hunger, while the contempt and neglect of the world are as severe as a pain.
The story of how Apple invented the wireless business has been told by many people, numerous times. The first iPhone that was shown off by Steve Jobs back in 2007 during the annual Macworld convention was a barely working prototype (Sorensen). In reality, this device was so buggy and glitch-prone that Apple’s engineers did not believe Steve could make it through his onstage
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Apparently, this came as a surprise to the Apple employees’ who were working on the iPhone-destined software apps, and to Steve himself (Sorensen). As a response to this, Apple simply created more devices free from Google's reach. In fact, the iPhone opened up new doors for many consumers, which really enhanced its fame (Sorensen). For the first time, consumers had a mobile device that made it easy to read books and magazines, as well as watch movies and television shows (Sorensen), along with enhancing efficient communication across the world’s geographical locations.
As described by many who entrust it, the iPhone is regarded as a product of no conspiracy that does not promote vice or emptiness. The iPhone is produced by honest and industrious men of high professional ethics, doing their job with a focus on informing and educating the global society. Essentially, through his iPhone invention, Steve Jobs is made by all of us who willingly read about him, who like to see him on television, who buy recordings of his voice and books, and talk about him to our friends. However, just like the other celebrities across the world, his relation to morality and even to reality is highly ambiguous.
The iPhone firstly captured its popularity in the in the country of origin, the United States. This was really a remarkable milestone towards becoming a pop
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