Establishment Of Japanese Football League

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Since establishment of Japanese football league (J. League) in 1991, J. League has advanced in rapid pace with increasing attendance, revenue and media appearances. Last year, Division 3 was established but instead of increasing number of the professional clubs, the market in Japan has been decreasing due to size of population. Moreover, as club licencing system was regulated in 2010, all of clubs cannot make losses. At that time half of clubs were loss making, then J. League came up with Asian strategy. Asia seems to be the ideal market thanks to its emergent middle class, its high population (Desbordes, 2007) The J. League has long been engaged in diverse exchanges with other Asian countries for the development of Asian football as a…show more content…
Due to introduced the Asian slot in J. League, the number of the Asian player in J. League has been biggest part of foreign players, then currently The J. League began initiatives to draw players from the ASEAN region in 2012 which affect its TV exposure, sharing its knowhow and organizing football activities and other events in the region. A crucial point is that the J. League has tied up with the Ministry of the Economy and Industry’s Cool Japan strategy to promote sport as a global Japanese industry and present the J. League as a Japanese brand. The objective is to create more business opportunities and to develop economy. In order to push forward new business, the Asian strategy room was established in J. League in 2012 which aim is to maximise Asian resources for the future. However, in order to expand the market in Asia, there is obstacle that J. League confronts. There has seen a dramatic growth in the globalization of football clubs. The big European football clubs or leagues have entered new markets in Asia in order to maximise their revenue streams by selling TV rights abroad and merchandising This means that J. League needs to challenge the mature European market in Asia. (Chadwick, 2004). As premier League illustrate that broad casting revenue is main part of the turnover, J. League needs to increase the TV revenue in Asian countries. Revenue obtained from the sale of these rights (around 2.5billion
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