Essay about Estate Planning - Case Study

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Michaela Romanova Mary and Robert Trenticosta case You and your husband are married for two years living in community property state with a prenuptial agreement declaring that all the property owned is a separate property. You came to seek for advice to accomplish your financial objectives. Being able to retire when you reach age 65 is your priority. On the other hand ability to minimize death tax at the death of the first spouse and the death of the second spouse and provide adequate liquidity for each of your estates are important factors you would like to plan and possible accomplish in the future. After reading provided documents my goal is to determine your financial strengths and weaknesses and suggest different…show more content…
However, as you get older, the pure cost to maintain policy increases. There is no need to worry because as long as you continue to pay a stated premium each year, life insurance remains in force. You will need more expensive life insurance protection; the accumulating cash will pay for it. Your move to purchase universal life insurance policy was very wise because it is used to cover temporary needs and permanent type of insurance. You and your husband own life insurance policies. It benefits you in multiple ways. It serves as source for education for Valerie, it creates or sustains wealth for your family and it also provides source of retirement income. What I consider of being a biggest advantage so far is the liquidity at death which is one of your financial objectives. Moreover Life insurance will protect income stream for beneficiaries. Disadvantage is that life insurance policies will be incurred in your gross estate. I would suggest establishing Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT). Person establishing trust (you or Robert) will set the terms of distribution of trust assets to beneficiaries. I consider this as very valuable tool especially when children are not very good in managing their finances. This would definitely protect them from spending received money at once. The primary purpose is to exclude the death benefit of a life insurance policy from an
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