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Strategy Analysis I. Company Introduction Founded in 1946, the Estée Lauder Companies, Inc. is one of an American corporation in New York City. Estée Lauder is a manufacturer and market of four cosmetics product lines: skin care, make up, fragrances and hair care products. By integrating “High-Touch” aspect into all day-to-day business activities, this technologically advanced, innovative company has gained a worldwide reputation for elegance, luxury and superior quality. Each of the company’s brands has a single global image that is promoted with consistent logos, packaging, and advertising designed to differentiate it from other brands. Beauty, youth, and being forever young are common themes in the personal products industry. II.…show more content…
* ------------------------------------------------- The Company has a large network of retail, which leads to more market penetration opportunities and creates closer access to targeted buyers. Weaknesses * ------------------------------------------------- Slowdown in department store’s popularity may cause long-term growth problems. * ------------------------------------------------- The company has a poor cost structure in some areas, hence a decline in the performance of sales in certain regions. * ------------------------------------------------- Absence of strategic acquisitions and alliances slowdowns its step of expanding wider market. * ------------------------------------------------- Fragrance sales grows more slowly than other categories on average, but the company still struggles in this segment. * ------------------------------------------------- The company does not offer enough brand names tailored to lower budget consumers. Opportunities * ------------------------------------------------- More people are buying products online because of convenience, cost saving, and confidentiality. * ------------------------------------------------- Aging population opens new markets for developing skin care products for the elderly. * ------------------------------------------------- Men are

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