Estee Lauder Research Paper

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Josephine Esther Mentzer, publically known as Estee Lauder, was born to Jewish immigrant parents. Lauder date is not clear, some sources believe that she was born in Queens, New York on July 1, 1908, while others believe that she was born two years earlier on July 1, 1906 ( At a young age, Lauder showed a strong interest in beauty. She loved to brush her mother’s hair and apply creams on her mother’s face. Her passion continued to grow once her uncle, a chemist, moved in with Lauder and her family ( Her uncle specialized in making skin-care products, therefore, when he moved in he set up a laboratory in the house’s backyard. Her uncle taught her the skills needed to develop her own beauty creams.
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She would brush her mother’s long hair and also apply creams to her face ( As the years passed, her passion and love for beauty continued to grow which led her to open up her own beauty business ( When Lauder first started her beauty business, she only sold creams that she manufactured at home. After Lauder entered High School, her chemist uncle moved in with Lauder and her family. Her uncle was a chemist who specialized in manufacturing skin-care products. He taught Lauder all of the skills that he possessed so that she could start up her beauty business. “Jars of hope” were the first products that Lauder put out on the market ( Lauder was almost an expert at marketing and advertising her products. She gave free demonstrations and makeovers to people in salons, hotels, the subway, and even the streets. Lauder also visited customer’s homes and gave their friends makeovers which helped her sell more creams. She also introduced what is known as the “free gift with purchase” method which Estee Lauder Inc. has continued to go by. The method has also been adapted by many other companies worldwide ( This method was one of the reasons why Estee Lauder Inc. grew into what it is today since it brought her business more popularity among
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