Estella As An Extension Of Miss Havisham

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In the novel Great Expectations, the theme of relentless love is constantly recurring. Pip’s single-minded affection for Estella initially grasps him when he lays his eyes upon her at Miss. Havisham’s Satis House. Although Estella is captivating in Pip’s eyes, she has an underlying temperament of being ignorant and vulgar that remains constant throughout the novel. “‘Anything else” ‘ I think she is very pretty’ ‘Anything else’ ‘I think she is very insulting’’’ (Dickens 62). Although Pip finds Estella alluring, and one day hopes to marry her, he is frequently baffled by her attitude. Estella’s mental state can be viewed as an extension of Miss Havisham, as she was brought up in Satis House. Pip must, additionally, cope with Estella’s ridiculing
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