Ester Synthesis Lab Report

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The objective of this lab was to synthesize an unknown ester using Fischer etherification, which involved using a carboxylic acid and an unknown alcohol as the reactants, and sulfuric acid as a catalyst. First, a reaction mixture was created using the reactants. Then the reaction product was isolated by removing the aqueous layer. After isolation, the crude ester product was purified using distillation. The final product was a clear liquid with a banana like odor. It was established that the banana like odor was coming from banana oil that is either pure isoamyl acetate or amyl (pentyl acetate). To identify the unknown ester IR, 13C NMR, and 1H NMR was obtained. IR spectroscopy, which showed prominent, peaks at 1737.54 cm-1, 1366.50 cm-1, 1228.27
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