Esterline Technologies Case Essay

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Factors Contributing to Esterline’s Performance
Esterline Technologies’ performance seems like nothing short of amazing, speaking to the true potential of the lean manufacturing concepts when adopted correctly. The factors contributing to Esterline’s performance varied greatly. The change in their approach to problems had a dramatic impact on their successful performance. Placing more recent initiatives to improve processes in the hands of employee teams gave employees the freedom to choose what they thought worked, ultimately giving them the responsibility in their unit’s success. Not giving employees the authority and ownership at the operating level was simply limiting their performance on the job. In addition to simply changing the
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With employee teams identifying product families with similar assembly requirements, the cellular formations implemented allowed for increased productivity form a production standpoint. In addition to the creation of cells throughout Korry’s assembly areas, plant managers and employees were also able to implement the 5-S systems in an attempt to create order in the shops, and instituted a kanban system for controlling the flow of parts. Not only did this make work areas cleaner, but it provided employees the luxury of knowing where materials were at all times, greatly reducing time-wasted searching for raw materials.
Outcomes from Effectively Implementing Lean Manufacturing Initiatives
It is quite difficult to not see the results of the successful implementation of a lean manufacturing initiative for they are great and varied. The first result from a broader view being a stream lined organization with increased performance in every aspect of the organization that has implemented lean techniques through the optimization of all their processes. Analyzing and investigating many processes from a manufacturing perspective, one of the major outcomes one should expect to see is waste reduction, as lean manufacturing initiatives is seen to eliminate any processes that do not offer value to a service

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