Esther Y. Strahan's Two-Year Study

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Another study conducted by Esther Y. Strahan (2003), also cover the topic of SAD and academics. The two-year study tested first-year undergraduate students see if social anxiety and social skills had an impact on their grade point average (GPA) and academic persistence. The author did the study because there were not any published articles that were up to date and that had current knowledge about social anxiety and the way it affects students. In the study, Strahan (2003) expected students that were socially anxious to have higher dropout rates and lower GPA compared to students that were non-socially anxious because students who are socially anxious would be too scared to talk to anyone or ask for help when they are having a hard time. Next,…show more content…
Next, the study shows that college adjustment levels impacted GPA rather than students’ retention. Finally, she discovered that self-report of SAD did have a negative correlation with social expressiveness, and control, but had a positive correlation with social sensitivity (Strahan, 2003). The findings of this study relate to my topic because it specifically talks about college students and how social anxiety not only affects their academic performance but also their social skills, which affect students adjust to college. However, there were a couple of limitations pointed out by the author, one being that the participants in the study were more academically talented. Another limitation was that the study consisted of mostly females, which is a problem women usually tend to be diagnosed with SAD more than men. Compared to the other studies being reviewed, Strahan’s study also covers the topics of social anxiety and academic performance in college students, but with an additional effect such as social
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