Estimation Of Emissions At Construction Phase

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Estimation of emissions at construction phase is one of the most complicated tasks when performing an emission study on a building (Guggemos and Horvath, 2005, Junnila et al., 2006a). This is due to the uniqueness of construction activities and associated methods from project to project. Unavailability of quality data and inventories and time consuming nature of data collection are some of the other reasons that emissions at construction phase is given less consideration.
Emissions from construction equipment are a dominant emission source that governs emissions at construction phase due to its heavy use of machines. These emissions from construction equipment cannot be only limited to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions(Frey et al., 2010, Kean et al., 2000, Abolhasani et al., 2008). This is because fuel combustion in construction equipment is often associated with non-greenhouse gas emissions such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydro carbon (HC), Nitrous Oxide (NOx), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Particulate Matter (PM) due to partial combustion of fuel. These non-greenhouse gas emissions depend upon several factors like age of the machine, deterioration, load factor and efficiency of the machine (Colberg et al., 2005). A comprehensive emission study on construction equipment would ideally consider all these emissions. Even though the estimation of all these emissions is highly important, attaining the corresponding emission factors can be a challenging task. Some of the countries in…
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