Estranged Personality : Effective Leadership

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Estranged Personality: Effective Leadership It is incredible to have a computer system describe your goals, achievements, and some personality traits almost flawlessly in seconds. The system thinks that I am an ENTJ. Personality and leadership traits comparable to huge names in business such as: Bill Gates, Al Gore, and David Letterman. The ENTJ is described as “Dynamic Thinker” ; designed mentally and physically to lead and understand through adaption and swift decisions. Extroversion (the ‘E’ in ENTJ) is essential for an ENTJ. Outside opinions and new interesting experiences are what the ENTJ breathes. They thrive on the energy of others; through people they are able to build and control. Their presence is almost irresistible and their goal is to interact with people; begin interesting and challenging conversations. An ENTJ is an impatient character; repeating instructions or even more importantly repeating mistakes is not permitted. Decision are usually made only after a long and thoughtful analysis of the issue and pool of solutions; not until all factors are taken into account. This intuitive nature drives the ENTJ to logically observe patterns and develop brilliant solutions. This logical observance is what separates the ENTJ from most leaders. They will not fall short of human sympathy. Instead, pursue only the facts and only then derive by using intuitive logic: thinking instead having emotions derive unsubstantiated choices. To really understand ENTJs, it is

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