Et tu Penicillium?

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One thing that our society most certainly has in common with these ancient peoples are our use of fungi for medicine and our knowledge about how certain fungi can be detrimental to our health. Dating back these people were believed to have already use mushrooms and molds as medicine, and also learned how deadly they could be. These great people paved the way for us in in so many ways and their use of fungi was just one of them. Cities throughout the Mediterranean greatly influenced each other during the ancient times, as they traded art, food, traditions, and even medicines. Before the Romans began using medicines to treat ailments, there was a common belief throughout the Mediterranean that diseases were caused by either angered gods or evil demons. People did not change this mindset until the Greek physician, Hippocrates, suggested that this was not the case, and that in fact, nature was the origin of diseases. He reasoned that there were agents in the air that people breathed in that produced diseases, and he called these things “miasmata”, meaning bad air. This simple theory from Hippocrates changed the landscape of medicine during that time. People began to see that their superstitions were not correct. Hippocrates theory also led to a shift in thinking towards taking scientific approaches to advance…

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