Etching Techniques

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Etching is the simple art of abrading a piece of glass to make a design. Is a way to produce a “frosted” look on a glass surface. Engraving is not only used to engrave glass, but it’s also used to carve a design into the glass to give a delicate and permanent result. Etching is the way to create graphic design on a smooth piece of glass. Etching takes the time and commitment to form a beautiful piece of art and has become popular over the last 20 years. Etching is a simple art of three fundamental techniques that require patience and dedication to create a beautiful design on the glass. The art of engraving a design on a glass began in the Middle Ages by Arabic armories’ (Rembrandt Paintings). Various artists experimented with…show more content…
Engraving evolved from only carving in glass to the action of acid cutting into metal or glass to texture a design. According to the Association Acid Etched, glass has been etched with the dangerous hydrofluoric acid. The removal of the silica from the surface of the glass leaves the glass with a roughened and frosted appearance (Acid Etching). The process of etching is roughing a piece of glass in particular surfaces to produce a design. This etching is known as abrasive or sandblast etching; the most used method of glass etching. Sandblasting, multi-level etching and carving are the most common 'used techniques. In the etching business there are three primary techniques that are commonly used, one of them is surface etching. This etching process is fairly obvious; it is named surface etching because only the surface is being etched. In addition etching is done in one stage of blasting, which means that the designs are only black and white. This method allows unetched components to be etched. Carlos Bautista manager of etching company believes that a surface etching is the easiest etching method. This technique is very easy to learn since it’s not complicated, unlike the carving and shading techniques that are very complex. The carving etching method seems to be complicated but at the same time simple to be figured out. The carving design is more challenging because there are other practices that need to be mastered
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