Eternal Challenges throughout Life

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Residing in an efficient society, balancing environment protection and social development can be quite a dilemma. As Anna Quindlen says in the book , Our Animal Rites, “You can’t stop progress, especially if it’s traveling 65 miles an hour.” people cannot put off social development. At the same time, the earth is where humans are living and deserves more attention, since their environment has already been degrading. Both the environment protection and social development are important, so when people are contemplating possible solutions, considering the detrimental and beneficial impact on both sides is necessary. Therefore, a lot of new challenges occur for they are not easily solved because there are always conflicts in different solutions. Among all the challenges, economy and technology are the two most significant out of all the challenges. Environmental problems caused by pesticides issues, which alarmed people shockingly by the book Silence Spring, written by Rachel Carson, need to be dealt with those two challenges. In the article “A Fable for Tomorrow” from the book Silence Spring, Rachel Carson assumes the probable consequences of overusing pesticides. She imagines a town where “all life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings.” Then, an unknown disaster sweeps through the town. The vegetables wither, livestock…

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