Eternal Love Tale Of Radha And Krishna

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Different bodies but single soul – Eternal love tale of Radha Krishna:
“If there is any emotion which give the most purest and divine feeling, and lets you acts your best than that is love.”
Often it is alleged, love is the most wonderful thing that can ensue to a person. People are onto special aura when they are in love. This feeling not only impinges on humans but the heavenly souls are also pretentious with same. One such love tale is of Radha and Krishna.
According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu has incarnated in eight forms to visit mother Earth and to teach humans about the true meaning of life. Lord Krishna is the eight and last form of Lord Vishnu incarnation. He takes birth in Gokul. Krishna was the most handsome man of Gokul. He had that rainy blue color of skin, great shiny hairs and a beautiful art
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Radha was more gorgeous and purest soul than Krishna. Women of entire universe were crazy in Krishna’s love and wanted to marry him, but Krishna fell for Radha. Both the souls carve up eternal love, respect and bond for each other that no one could ever match.
Humanly issues that prevented the two to become one were many. It is often said that Radha was 10 years older to Krishna. She was also engaged to some one is also one myth that comes in tale. Their family status was furthermore not matched to that of Krishna’s family. Back in that time these facts were not only details but also the essentials factors that were considered before two people get married. But here we are talking about the love of two entirely special souls that were far from all the obligations of world and are already connected with their hearts.
But how can we forget that the Radha and Krishna were in form (avatar) of humans back then. Their families did not accept their proposal of getting married and spent rest of their lives together. Their love was not dependent for anyone’s

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