Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Analysis

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NOTE: I was a little bit gung-ho about this assignment and I started writing it in an essay format instead of a Q&A format. I reviewed the rubric more carefully a very short while before the deadline, so I’ve done my best to break it up into a Q&A structure. There may be some additional analysis in some answers pertaining to general threads I was trying to establish to pull all of the pieces together, and there is some interplay between different answers. 1. Briefly describe the film including the main plot and two main characters that you will be using. Additionally, please identify the type of interpersonal relationship they have (e.g., romantic, friends, family, etc.) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a romantic comedy starring…show more content…
In the “sunshine of the spotless mind,” the couple is able to confront their previous issues and work collaboratively to build a healthier relationship going forward. 2. Apply Schutz’s Interpersonal Needs theory to the dyad you have selected from the film. Include the following in your response: AND 3. Apply the Relational Dialectics theory to the dyad you have selected from the film. Include the following in your response: NOTE: As I understand these theories, they work in tandem with one another. Relational dialectics address how different behaviors influence one another, and most of the behaviors to analyze in a relationship are a result of underlying personal needs. In order to understand the central conflict of the film, it’s important to consider those interpersonal needs that were not being satisfied, and to consider the relational dialectics that created the major friction in the couple’s first relationship with each other. Schutz suggests three core needs that are at the heart of most conflicts in any relationship: inclusion, control, and affection. Joel’s need for inclusion is naturally satisfied as Clementine expresses her inherent need for acceptance by accepting him on at least an outward level. He reciprocates to a degree, but Clementine feels underwhelmed by his actions. He tries to be spontaneous and brash with his language and by indulging her bolder tendencies, but never reaches a point where he actively changes or acts on a
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