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Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that answers the following questions: What information about diversity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to others in ways that you may not have in the past? * Have you learned something new about your own racial, ethnic, or cultural history? * Trends in immigration will continue to shape the demographics of the United States. What will the U.S. population look like in the year 2050? Why do you think so? * What challenges does the United States face due to the diversity of its people? * What are the benefits of such a diverse society? * How can we foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United States? * In what ways…show more content…
Also, whites in America were responsible for the slave trading and hangings of the blacks, all because their color was different than ours. Whites also were responsible for segregation back in the day. Over time, this world has changed dramatically white and black people gets along. There are many interracial relationships, and the prejudice is nothing like it used to be. Wow this is a great question. I really don’t know what the US will look like in the year 2050. We already have so many immigrate in the US today. My only assumption is that there will be twice as many then there are today. This country is the home of the free and there are so many people that live outside the US that wants to come to our country to seek their dreams. I think that it is good that other people from different countries want to be part of the US, but they should be held to all the same laws as everyone else. They should have to pay taxes on their businesses just like Americans have to. I think this is one of the things our Government needs to fix because it’s not fair to the Americans. America is always going to face diversity. No matter how hard we try to get rid of discrimination and prejudice, it will probably never be fully gone. One thing that needs to be done is for us to teach our children how not to be prejudice. By doing this we can start to break the cycle that’s been going on for many years. Teaching our children today how to get over diversity will help them in

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