Eth/125 Final Paper

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Final Project What has helped me better understand or relate to others in ways that I may have not in the past was probably during a crucial time in America, and that was 9/11. Many people had a hard time liking Muslims and I didn’t quite understand. I gradually figured out that because some Muslims are bad doesn’t mean that all Muslims are bad. I have grown a respect for Muslims and for other races. As an African American, I have not learned anything new about my family or our culture. What I have realized is that I hear about African American leaders, and people who have stood up for their race. I feel honored at times to be who I am, I don’t neglect my race at all, and I embrace it. If trends continue in the United States, the…show more content…
I am very fluent in Spanish now and I my young children are as well. So even speaking another language is helping us grow. Diversity in society helps us grow as individuals and opens our minds to different ways of life. We can foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism by treating one another with respect and being open minded. We all need to take time out of our lives and actually realize what we are showing the next generation. The youth is what are future is and what is holds, and if we cant even show one another respect for each other, that can you imagine what this place we call home will look like in a couple of years or even further down the road. The media perpetuates stereotyping and prejudice in America as they show viewers either from the television, newspaper or radio things in certain ways to make them thinks as a stereotyped or prejudice person. What I see a lot done down here in the South West is the media represents Black people the wrong way. They put in a lot in peoples head that Black males are criminals and drug dealers. That could be easily someone with a different ethnicity. People of color are often put out there as bad but we’re not. Just like in any race or ethnic background, there is always that bad one and that is how I see every race. Just like my Uncle Jeffery mentions from time to time, “there is always that one in the family that just seems to stand out”. Whether
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