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Final Project: Race and Your Community

Mel Morgan

October 12, 2010


Instructor: Gail DeCina, L.C.S.W, C.A.P.

I live in Charlotte North Carolina; I just purchased a home in a community called Ballantyne. This community is on what we consider the south side of Charlotte. In February of this year, members of my community were told that there was going to be a public housing development built on a seven acre lot that has been vacant for many years. An emergency community meeting was called; several of my neighbors packed the room, all wanting information about what and where Charlotte’s next public housing development could be built. Many were concerned, especially those living close to the lot that is said to be the
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With this being said, the community leaders do not treat any of the people of my community different, they show us all the same amount of respect. They make me feel welcomed whenever I participate in any events, and on many occasions, they’ve made me feel needed when it comes to our children at the community center. When I mentioned to my neighbor, the assignment that I had to write about, she and I came inside and answered many of these questions together. Ann, is white and has been a member of this neighborhood since its creation, in fact, the neighborhood was named after her grandfather and his brothers. She has mentioned to me that she remembers when the neighborhood was all white, no others races or cultures for miles. She states that she enjoys the neighborhood now because she is able to experience more with the variety of people here. She has even mentioned that she feels safer here now than ever before, not that the area has ever had a major problem with crime, or any other problems, but she states that she knows that if anything goes on or wrong that we are less likely to feel like it was a crime against our neighborhood because of color, creed or culture. When I asked Ann how did she feel about our community leaders, she sniggled, and said; “Guess one of them does make me feel some kind of way, I’ve been married to him for 22 years!” My dear friend Ann has helped me with the answer to the question, “How do leaders of your

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