Eth 125 Week 3 Assignment

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination
October 9, 2011

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination One ethnic group in which I and my family belong to is Norwegian. According to my father I am 50 percent Norwegian and this is very interesting to me. I did not even know this until I asked him about it so I could write this paper. I found a lot of interesting information about Norwegians and how they came to America. Norwegians are credited with being the first Europeans to discover North America. Live Eriksson cam to America in A.D. 1000, which was nearly five centuries before Columbus. The Norwegian immigration to America began in 1825 in which several dozen Norwegians left Stavanger headed for America on the sloop Restauration,
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There was a survey taken that showed that one out of four Norwegians felt some sort of hostility towards other immigrants. ("Norway", 1997). The Norwegians are also very religious and hold their beliefs strongly, which is another reason that the racism occurs within their country. Culturally, I identify more with the United States mainstream culture. I did not know that I was partially Norwegian until I began writing this paper. I find it very interesting to know where I came from and how my ancestors got to this country. It is also very interesting to learn all of the things that they believe in and what they like to do. However, seeing as I never knew that part of my life, I never had the change to experience that part. I have also identified more with the United States culture seeing as most of my family, from what we know, have been born here.

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