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Community Profile Presentation
The City of Kelsey is an environment friendly and diverse community with residents from different ethnicities and backgrounds. The City Kelsey where most people regardless of the entry-level position have an opportunity to find a job. One of the largest employers is Smith System consulting, followed by Huffman trucking company own and managed by family members. This community has a diverse population of professionals on different fields such as consulting, transportation, organic farming, and construction. The City of Kelsey also offers their citizens many activities like; annual ballroom, festivals, monthly famer’s market, annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, craft fair, memorial day soft ball tournament, golf
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If the visitors or the locals are feeling a little more adventurous they can take advantage of its beautiful scenery. Visitors can enjoy a day of boating, sailing, swimming, fishing or water skiing in Beautiful Lake Lora, which is located five miles west of the city or the Kelsey River which runs in the southern boundary of the city or catch a Ferry and cross the river to enjoy Baderman island, the Kelsey Aquatic Center provides residents with swimming lessons in its outdoor swimming pool in the summer and in the indoor pool year round. There is also the Kelsey Country Club with one of the most challenging courses in the region, there club members can take advantage of the golf course in the summer months and the club house year round. (Oswaldo)
How would you describe the responsibilities of the individual to the community? (Daisy)
Individuals of The Kelsey community carry a huge responsibility to preserve the land, as well as the ways of the community. It is very clear that this community is a small one, yet still, a strong and very productive one. The individuals of this community have learned to work and communicate with one another, in harmony, to survive and improve their way of life together. Initially, they survived on what they themselves grew; making sure that it was of quality. Throughout the years, as the community grew, by reproducing and evolving,

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