Ethan Frome Character Analysis

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Everyone in the world wants to be happy in life, but most of the time that doesn’t really happen. Many people usually face hardship in their life for them to become happy in the long run. Henry David Thoreau once said, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them,” which mean some people keep their struggles quiet. Men fake their life until they reach a grave and realized they did nothing in life. This relates to Ethan because when the argument happened between him and Zeena he than expresses his frustration towards her. In the book, Ethan Frome Ethan lives a tragedy life. Ethan has a lot of complex problems like Ethan marrying Zeena and him not able to stand up for his wife. After Ethan and Zeena get married, Zeena becomes an annoying, selfish and sick wife to Ethan. One of the complex problems Ethan faced in this book is marrying Zeena. Ethan had a goal of becoming an engineer when he grew up. It all change when he married Zeena. One example is in chapter 1 it says, “Sickness and trouble: that's what Ethan's had his plate full up with, ever since the very first helping." This quote shows how Ethan realizes that ever since he met Zeena his dream came to an end. That marrying her caused him to stay in a town that he didn’t want to live for his life. Another example of marrying Zenna was a problem because she also became sick. That meant Ethan had to drop everything he had to do and help her because Zeena did the same for Ethan

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